1260 Concino, Count of Penna lives in Florence.

Circa 1365 Castle of Casez given to Giovanni Battista de Concini by the Bishop-Prince Albert of Trent due to his ability to negotiate between Albert and the Archdukes of Austria.

1427 Antonio de Concini founds Counts Concini of Commendone in Bergamo, coat of arms engraved in cathedral of Bergamo in gratitude for public service. As allies of Venetian Republic, family is exiled when Viscounts of Milan take Bergamo.

1496 Coat of Arms adopted, unchanged to this day.

1501 Matteo de Concini born, made Bishop of Cortona by Pope Pius IV, attended Council of Trent.

1530 Bartolomeo de Concini born, Diplomat under Grand Duke Cosmo I de Medici, used as secret courier to Charles V of Spain.

1569 Concino de Concini born, Marshall de Ancre, 1610 went to France in the entourage of Maria de Medici where he later found favor with the Queen under the regency of Louis XIII. With growing political power in France as well as a personal army of 7,000 soldiers Concino was considered a political threat and was murdered on April 17, 1617 in Paris on the bridge at The Louvre.

1876 Giuseppe de Concini, born in Casez, emigrates to the United States. Works as a coal miner in Michigan Upper Peninsula for $1.03/day, sees the man next to him killed in a collapse and swears that he will never work in a mine again.

1901 Evo A. DeConcini “The Judge” born in Iron Mountain, MI, USA.

1917 Ettore de Concini born in Casez, emigrates to the United States, later becomes Colonel US Army after 20 years founds Ettore de Concini Construction in Tucson, AZ, USA.

1920 DeConcini family moves to Arizona for the climate to speed recovery of Giuseppe after 1918 Flu Pandemic. DeConcini family buys first piece if real estate in Tucson. Giuseppe is killed in an automobile accident 3 months later.

1922 DeConcini Family’s first trip to California on business venture. Trip takes 3 days in Ford Model T to get to San Diego. Evo opens a store in Downtown Los Angeles trying to sell “Cactus Candy” using cactus from Arizona. The experience cost Evo $1800, family returns to Tucson lighter in wallet, but heavier in business experience.

1948 Evo DeConcini becomes Arizona Attorney General.

1949 Evo DeConcini elected to Arizona Supreme Court.

1968 Law Firm of DeConcini, McDonald, Yetwin and Lacy formed.

1972 Dennis DeConcini elected Pima County Attorney.

1976 Dennis DeConcini elected to US Senate, where he serves 18 years, including positions on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Appropriations Committee, and Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

1996 Casez Investment Group formed by DeConcini Brothers with development of 1 st car wash.

2008 DeConcini Realty a residential/commercial real estate brokerage is created in Tucson by DeConcini Brothers.