The DeConcini Brothers

Brothers Jeff and Jeremy DeConcini both grew up in Tucson, Arizona and cut their teeth in the real estate business at 4-D Properties, learning commercial real estate from the inside out both in management and development.

Jeff went on to get a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona University, after which he spearheaded the first commercial development for the DeConcini Brothers, properties which he still manages today. Jeff is a founding partner in DeConcini Realty, and prides himself on a no nonsense approach to client services. Jeff believes that the straight forward business approach best serves the client, particularly when discussing the purchase of a home, which for many is their most valuable asset. If you are looking for a property in the Tucson area, call Jeff first. He is one of the best. Jeff is licensed as an agent in Arizona and is a member of the Tucson Association of Realtors. When not working, Jeff can be found mountain biking, scuba diving, flying helicopters, motorcycling, traveling, and playing volleyball and soccer. Jeff was married in 2000 to Erin Yager and they have two children: Tyler Anton DeConcini and Olivia Ashley DeConcini.

Jeremy is The Designated Broker for both the Arizona and California branches of DeConcini Realty. A licensed attorney in California and Arizona, as well as a broker in both states, Jeremy can provide service that goes far beyond the traditional role of a broker including legal advice relevant to both residential and commercial transactions. Jeremy earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and a Law Degree from Pepperdine University. He has also studied around the world, including Spanish and Anthropology in Mexico, International Contract Law in Spain and International Banking Regulations in Barbados to name a few. As an Adjunct Professor, Jeremy has taught Business Law at Northern Arizona University. A former Federal Agent in LA and San Diego, Jeremy worked primarily in undercover weapons smuggling and non-proliferation, as well as anti-terrorism and narcotics efforts for the US Department of Homeland Security. Jeremy has also worked as a SCUBA diver in the environmental field, surveying the California Coast for invasive species and been trained in emergency medicine by the National Ski Patrol. Jeremy is a member of the Tucson, San Diego, and Malibu Association of Realtors.

Whatever your real estate needs in Arizona and Southern California, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Real Estate Brokerage services to all our clients through personal attention and experience. Our network of Agents, Partners, and Affiliates have the expertise and knowledge to help you in your real estate needs whatever they are.